Renting a Tow Dolly with Penske

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Penske is another company that you can consider for car tow dolly rental

There are both advantages and disadvantages to renting tow dollies from Penske. We will outline these points here.

The first point that you’ll want to take into consideration when thinking about renting your tow dolly from Penske is that Penske does not have as many drop-off locations as U-Haul. If you are towing your car to a location which is far away from the closest Penske drop-off point, it may be inconvenient to return your dolly. However, it’s equally likely that there will be a drop-off location nearby your destination, so this point may not matter.

The second point regarding renting a tow dolly from Penske is that, in general, Penske’s fleet and equipment are newer and oftentimes better maintained than U-Haul’s. So if you have found the tow dollies at your nearest U-Haul location to be in poor condition, consider taking a look at the ones at the Penske rental location near you.

Lastly, many customers also report that Penske has better customer service than U-Haul. Click here to read a forum thread about Penske vs. U-Haul tow dolly rental. Note that this merely reflects the opinions of a select group of customers, so if you have had good experiences renting from U-Haul in the past then do not let this point sway your decision.

Make sure to take all of these factors into consideration when you are considering which company to rent from. We hope this information helps and

(Please not that some of the statements contain within this article are based on customer opinions and have not been confirmed).

Please check the Penske website for more detailed information.
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