Tow Dolly Rental

What’s the best way to rent a car tow dolly?

If you want to know about your options for tow dolly rental, you will be able to find some relevant and hopefully useful information here. If you need to rent a tow dolly for one-way, round-trip, in town or long distance towing, it’s best that you are aware of your options and possess some basic knowledge regarding rental of dollies.

Many people may wonder: Is U-Haul my only option? Thankfully, it isn’t! While U-Haul may be suitable and appropriate for many people, their plans can sometimes be inflexible and expensive. So what are your other options? First, you should look into other moving equipment rental companies in your area that may provide tow dolly rental services with more flexibility or at a better price. Some large companies that can be found in many locations throughout the United States include Hertz, Penske, and Budget Truck Rental. Also, check your local yellow pages for equipment rental companies. Oftentimes, smaller equipment rental companies have more flexible rental policies and may sometimes have lower prices.

For long-distance towing, there is yet another option which you may want to consider: Buy a used dolly, use it for your move, and then sell it at your destination! I know this sounds like a lot of trouble to many people (and it probably is more hassle than just dealing with a rental company), but you may actually be able to save money this way, providing the tow dolly is kept in good condition. Considering how high dolly rental prices can be sometimes, it may be worth the extra time and effort. In addition to checking your local classifieds and trucking supply stores, a great place to look would be on Craig’s List. If you are planning your trip a good while in advance, you could even post wanted ads in various locations. Who knows… you might find a good deal!

Good luck on your voyages, and we hope you find a good tow dolly rental solution to fit your needs!

(Note: Any time you are towing, make sure you follow instructions and abide by the specifications for your tow dolly and observe caution when driving with a towed vehicle! For more information on dolly usage, check out Penske’s webpage about tow dollies.)

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